True Customization

Some builders just let you choose one of three pre-selected options. But with Anchor, you have the freedom to customize any aspect of your home—from floorplan to finishes.

The term “custom” can be used rather loosely among other home builders—in many cases, “customization” is merely a choice between two or three limited options. That’s not the case with Anchor Custom Homes.

When we first meet with you, we’ll show you our most popular floorplans—but if you want to change something, we’ll work with our designer to make it truly yours.

Then we’ll create a plan to take into account the other custom touches you would like. Our “base plan” already includes quality features such as hardwood flooring and granite countertops, and we’ll tailor a package that includes the details you’re looking for.

Later in the home building process, Annell will come to you with specific options for colors and finishes. She’ll start with options she believes will fit your style, but if none of those are right she’s dedicated to searching out the exact right fit.

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